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The new acoustic recording by Jonah Smith, “Stay Close” began in November 2016 shortly after a reunion with Andy Stack that took place in Des Moines, Iowa at The Flying Mango. The concerts, which took place over two nights in late October, were centered around the performance of a new song called “Ocala” — a song written for Mike Wedeking, a friend and the owner of The Flying Mango.

The shows were emotional and reminded Smith and Stack of their special musical bond – a relationship that stretches back over a decade and involves hundreds of concerts and several records. The two, now living on opposite coasts, had been pursuing their own artistic endeavors: Smith became a contestant (and eventually a semi-finalist) on America’s Got Talent and then made a record that was released this past May while Stack opened Buffalo Stack recording studio in Beacon, NY in an old schoolroom to focus on producing music.

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Latest Album – “Stay Close”

Jonah’s new record “Stay Close” will be released in 2017. It is a stripped down, mostly acoustic record recorded to a four track tape machine over the course of a few days in Beacon, NY. The record features long time band member Andy Stack as well as vocal contributions by Melissa Ahern. Jonah is currently running a Pledge Music campaign to raise the funds needed to finish the record and get it released.

Check out the song “Ocala” below and get involved!

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